Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Arlington, MA

Hi - I’m Elissa. I help busy adults manage and improve their health conditions through implementing sustainable lifestyle modifications.

What You Get:

  • Personalized recommendations from a licensed nutrition expert with over seven years of experience

  • Learn the tools:

    • Simple lifestyle modifications to form sustainable eating habits, tailored to you

    • How to simplify and prepare satisfying meals

    • Menu review and how to still enjoy dining out

    • Meal planning and grocery store guidance

  • A non-judgmental and supportive accountability partner

  • A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at your fingertips. All clients have access to a private mobile and computer application for secure messaging, support, and goal monitoring

  • Feel confident and set up for long-term success

Why You?

  • You are a busy young professional, frequently dine out, and not sure how to make changes to improve your health

  • You are thinking about starting a family and want to be as healthy as possible. Let me help you get there.

  • Your Doctor informed you that you have prediabetes or are “borderline diabetic”. You were advised to “watch what you eat” and want guidance around how to plan and prepare meals, how to grocery shop, and still enjoy dining out.

  • You have a family history of diabetes or heart disease and want to take steps to avoid future complications

  • You are stressed and overwhelmed trying to navigate the barrage of information online to help your condition and limit medications, but frustrated trying to change on your own

I hear you, and I am here to design a realistic nutrition and lifestyle plan that is tailored to you, so that you'll feel confident and set up for long-term success.

Health insurance is accepted.

How It Works:

Telehealh dietitian nutritionist near Arlington MA

Step 1: Get in touch

During a complimentary phone call, we’ll discuss your nutrition and lifestyle goals, and how I can support you in achieving them. Before our initial session, intake paperwork is completed conveniently online.

Nutritionist near Arlington MA

Step 2: Initial Session

During our initial session, we discuss your health and nutrition history, your goals, and set up an action plan to successfully achieve them.

Dietitian nutritionist near me

Step 3: Ongoing Support and check-ins

Accountability, support, and goal monitoring are included when we work together. Checking in on an ongoing basis is encouraged between appointments through secure messaging and email.

"Working in a new start-up, eating healthy is not my top priority. I met with Elissa because I wanted to lower my cholesterol. She gave me practical guidance that works well with my busy lifestyle. We reviewed the menus in my favorite restaurants and she taught me to recognize the healthier options. I’ve lost 20 pounds and cholesterol is heading in the right direction"
-Yuval, Cambridge, MA

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I am a Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Massachusetts. If you have any specific medical conditions, please consult with your medical professional. All information on this website is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.