“Are eggs healthy”?

Guest post contributed by Dietetic Intern Emily Rex

“Are eggs healthy”? This question has been a reoccurring topic - are they beneficial or harmful to our health? The question stems from the assumption that dietary cholesterol is directly related to blood cholesterol, which causes fatty deposits and plaque buildup within our arteries, possibly leading to heart disease or stroke. We now know that dietary cholesterol is not the culprit of plaque buildup but rather saturated fats are of greater concern. Saturated fats, which are fats that remain solid at room temperature such as butter or cheese, play a more significant role in the production of cholesterol in the body than the dietary cholesterol that we would consume from an egg. Eggs are a source of protein and contain no carbohydrates or sugar.

Eggs can certainly have their place in a balanced diet, but proceed with caution if trying to lower your cholesterol. When looking to lower LDL cholesterol or the “lousy” cholesterol and raise HDL or the cholesterol we want to keep “high”, choose high fiber foods paired with your egg such as whole grain toast and healthy fat such as avocado. Consider trying egg whites as an alternative which contain zero milligrams of cholesterol and saturated fat.