Packaged Grab and Go Snacks for Busy Days

When it comes to snacking, it's important to pair a carbohydrate with some satiating protein to feel full for longer. With packaged items, ensure there's adequate protein and fiber, and choose the brand with the shortest ingredients list.

Here are four Elissa approved packaged grab and go snacks for busy days. These #simplesnacks are all non-perishable.

Skinny pop popcorn : Popcorn is a whole grain snack lower in calories and contains fiber. This particular brand has a few simple ingredients. Choose the individual pack to help with portions.

Trader Joe’s omega trek mix . #Nuts are an excellent, simple, and satisfying snack. They contain protein, fiber, and heart healthy fat.

Rxbars - These tasty and chewy protein bars use real food ingredients and have adequate protein and fiber. Our favorite flavors: chocolate sea salt and peanut butter chocolate.

Biena chick peas - Packed with simple and real ingredients, these crunchy and flavorful dried chick peas are a simple snack for the office, travelling, or to keep in your bag when on the go. Both sweet and savory options contain protein and fiber to keep you feeling full for longer.

3 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Cholesterol

Are you or your loved one interested in making lifestyle modifications to lower your cholesterol?

Here are three simple tips to help lower your cholesterol through diet:

1) Replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats. Limit saturated fat intake found in meat and full fat dairy. Increase intake of heart healthy unsaturated fats found in nuts, canola and olive oil, and avocado. Recipe suggestion: avocado toast on whole grain bread drizzled with olive oil.

2) Fill up with fiber. Choose whole-grains like oatmeal and fill your plates with fruits and vegetables. You know what they say about beans. Beans, chick peas, and lentils are the magical fruits to fill up on fiber.Fiber helps to keep us full and reduces cholesterol absorption. Recipe suggestion: overnight oats topped with berries, flax, and walnuts.

3) Increase your good (HDL) cholesterol. Eat omega-3 fatty acids which are o.m.g so good for you! Certain fish, walnuts, and flax will provide you with omega-3 fatty acids. Aim to consume fish 2-3 times per week to help lower the LDL (“lousy”) cholesterol. Include salmon, tuna, and mackerel.