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What to Eat For Breakfast on Mediterranean Diet

Are you following the Mediterranean diet? Here are four breakfast ideas to try:

1)     Fancy avocado toast – Upgrade heart healthy avocado toast by adding smoked salmon to some fiber packed whole grain bread. Drizzle with olive oil for extra flavor and heart healthy monounsaturated fat.

2)     Shakshuka – Fry up some tomatoes, garlic, onions, and herbs in olive oil and poach eggs for a delicious and filling breakfast. Dunk in some fiber rich whole grain bread.

3)     Greek yogurt with fruit and granola – Protein packed with probiotics, this yogurt is tart, but satisfying. Add in some fresh berries and whole grain granola.

4)     Overnight oats – Fiber filled overnight oats are simple, delicious, and make a great on the go breakfast. For additional protein, add in some Greek yogurt, walnuts for heart healthy fat, and sweeten with dates, fresh, frozen, or dried fruit.